About Us

Brief history of the company

Its history dates back to around 40 years ago, when Ahmad Cheraghi built his first lighting system in his small workshop, which branded  it National. Not long time passed, he developed his activities in the field of Florescent Lamps and Electrical Korsi.The cause of transferring from lighting and worming products to Audio products, was Ahmad’s self interest. So he decided to built his first Push-Pull Amplifier which branded that; Original and supply them to the market.

After some years in 2009 Original Product Company established its own trading office and in the short time signed contracts with known countries in audio and video industry like; Italy, Germany, Finland, Taiwan and China.In 2014 a center established in this company witch branded Hiva in the heart’s of company. The activity of this center was based on technical and engineering services, designing, building  and installing of Audio Systems, voice  and photo ,intercom, light and media player systems.

We hope that we will be able to provide our customers with the right products and services with the support of our experience and our business partners.