The Hiva Group has started its activities in the field of installation and commissioning of CCTV systems since 2010 in the Hiva subsidiary; consultant, designer and implementer of video surveillance systems. The group is proud to have performed more than hundreds of different projects throughout the country during its activities, which includes about 50 different types of classes and applications in educational settings, hospitals, banks, military centers, and more. Hiva Group takes care of the rights of the well-known employers and timely delivery of services and support, selling goods with warranties and authenticity certificates. The company has real and verifiable quizzes, and respected employers will be able to communicate with all the centers equipped with the Hiva Group’s video surveillance systems.

Our Services :


  • Design and installation of CCTV
  • Implementation of security and alarm systems
  • Building Intelligence





Surveillance cameras history

Surveillance cameras are usually used to monitor indoor and outdoor locations and vary depending on the environment. The first CCTV camera was installed in 1942 by the German Army to monitor how the V2 rocket was fired at the launch site. About seven years later, American commercial videoconferencing systems, known as Vericon, were noted that the use of these cameras did not require a government license. The first networked cameras in 1996 were manufactured by Axis, using the Linux software platform.