Congress Center

Design & implementation of conference halls, meetings, conferences & cinemas:

The company, with the help of experienced engineers, experienced, young and creative personnel, has always tried to provide and execute new services in accordance with the plans. In providing these services according to the current situation and the desire of the employer, the designers of this company, Designed for the perfect, beautiful and functional space available, it will also perform all light and sound calculations according to the design and requirements of the salon. This will be accompanied by consideration of the observance of acoustic and acoustic principles both in design and implementation. It offers the perfect combination.







In addition, all stages of the construction and equipping of the hall with respect to the exclusive representation of authentic brands of sound and image, is carried out by the company itself or its partner companies and its experienced and experienced staff. The sound and light of the conference hall is one of the concerns of the organizers of the seminars and the sound of the cinema is also very influential in film perception and excitement.

Hiva Company offers interesting products in this field.