Isfahan Chamber of Commerce

Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Men’s Trade Fair, Artists and Miners of Isfahan, and many of those who are trying to endlessly endeavor in the city’s economy for years to endure the capital of the valley of the Safavid flute continue to dominate the peaks of Iran’s economy and industry, science, science He will increase and steal, and add to this holy land.

Design, Engineering, Art

The start of each project in Hiva begins with the definition of the project, the purpose of the project definition is to specify the project category and the needs and requests of the employer, then, with these preconditions, we start designing for the project. In this project, the employer required a high-quality conferencing system, videoconferencing and video-wall systems, as well as Aouto track for the camera system. Also, due to some special applications in Iran (ritual recitation of the Quran and religious ceremony), it was also necessary to run the sound of the live.
Due to the traditional design of this hall and the employer’s request for the use of ceiling loudspeakers, the first problem arose for beauty. To solve this issue, Hiva’s engineers decided to use the Apart brand for roof bands and, in the light of the above, to design new crossover rails inside their company, in order to solve the problem of running Live with these bands To be overcome. Also, feedback limiter and compressor DSP were used to control the feedback between the overhead bands and the conference microphones.

In the end, the beautiful sound without Delay and Reverb in the environment with the control of sound, light, image and management of the microphones with the tablet was provided to the operator.




“Structure, Implementation, Experience
Knowledge Force Will be…”
“Testing Then Satisfaction…
Never Ending”


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M-5000 Pro