AV Room – built-in v1 (160 m² – 320 m²)


Your able to control a complete AV-room. The microphone connected to the audio control has 12 pre-programmed buttons that allow control for source and volume selection, control of beamer and CD-player, control of the electrical screen and the lights of the AV-room. Audio is possible from laptop or CD-player and uses cabinet loudspeakers.

Zone Surface(m²) Speakers Power Setting
AV room 80-160 m² 4 Speaker 16 ohm
AV room 80-160 m² 2 Speaker 8 ohm
Simple to control Audio-Video system with beamer

Cabinet fron speakers for music sources

Ceiling speakers for music sources and microphones

Up to 6 microphones possible

Audio from laptop

Audio from CD-player

Local audio line input mono

Control panel with 12 programmed buttons for source and volume selection, control of beamer, control of CD-player, control of electrical screen, control of lights

Physical push-buttons for activating the presets ‘Meeting’ and ‘Presentation’