Production Hall – On-wall (850 m² – 1400 m²)


This production hall has a versatile audio system that is powerful enough to ensure clarity of messages and music even in this noisy environment. The mixing amplifier allows having different music in the production area compared to the quieter areas of the building. Music projectors outdoor are weatherproof and rust-free at all times.

Zone Surface(m²) Speakers Power Setting
production hall 600-1000m² 8 Speaker 30 Watts
loading dock 150-250 m² 2 Speaker 30 Watts
reception 15-30 m² 1 Speaker 6 Watts
office 30-60 m² 2 Speaker 6 Watts
cafeteria 30-60 m² 2 Speaker + volume control 6 Watts
toilets 20-40 m² 2 Speaker 3 Watts
One system versatile enough to cover the entire facility

Powerful enough to ensure clarity of messages and music even in a noisy production area

Outdoor speakers weatherproof and rust-free

Stylish speakers in the office fitting with the interior

Different music in production area compared to office, loading dock, cafeteria and toilets

Independent volume control for offices, reception, production, cafeteria and loading dock