Showroom – On-wall (400 m² – 900 m²)


Quality background music coming from the design cabinet speakers will make the visitors of this open ceiling showroom feel welcome and at ease. The micpat allows selective paging in two zones (showroom and outside parking area). Independent volume control is available for all zones.

Zone Surface(m²) Speakers Power Setting
showroom 340-800m² 8 Speaker 15 Watts
toilets 20-40 m² 2 Speaker 5 Watts
parking 120-200 m² 2 Speaker 30 Watts
Quality background music that makes people feel welcome and at ease

Music from radio, CD and MP3 player

Design cabinet speakers for open ceiling room

Background music and paging for showroom, reception desk, toilets and meeting corner

Selective paging for outside parking area

Independent volume control for following zones: showroom, reception, meeting corner, toilets and parking area.