Warehouse low noise – On-wall (3800 m² – 6000 m²)


Loudspeakers are powerful enough to cover low noise environments like this warehouse. The two-way characteristics of these horn loudspeakers makes the music still sound natural where the horn shape housing makes sure you cover a big distance.

Zone Surface(m²) Speakers Power Setting
depot 3500-5500 m² 6 Speaker 32 Watts
office 50-100 m² 3 Speaker 6 Watts
loading dock 150-250 m² 2 Speaker 30 Watts
cafeteria 40-80 m² 2 Speaker 6 Watts
locker room 40-80 m² 2 Speaker 6 Watts
toilets 20-40 m² 2 Speaker 6 Watts
A flexible system and versatile enough to cover the entire facility

Radio ‘Gaga’ in the warehouse, CD/MP3 ‘Serious’ in the other zones

Individual volume control per zone

Paging in 2 different groups of zones

Horns rust-free and weatherproof