Cafeteria – Built-in v1 (200 m² – 300 m²)


This application of a cafeteria shows how you can implement a quality background music system with respect for the budget. The quantities of installed ceiling speakers allow you to have a quiet eating area and a louder area at the bar. Music comes from the music source with possibilities to play music from radio, CD, MP3, USB or SD-card.

Zone Surface(m²) Speakers Power Setting
bar 80-120m² 4 Speaker 10Watts
resturant 120-180m² 6 Speaker 10 Watts
Quality background music for a warm atmosphere

Radio or CD/MP3 from CD, USB-key or SD-card

Quiet eating area – louder bar area

Respect for the budget

Ceiling speakers to go with functionality of the venue

Possibility to connect one microphone