Campground – Built-in (3100 m² – 5300 m²)


This campground application has discrete but powerful ceiling speakers in the cafeteria and high quality weatherproof cabinet loudspeakers on the terrace. Background music on the camping outside comes from the rustproof sturdy and powerful horn loudspeakers.

Zone Surface(m²) Speakers Power Setting
campground 3000-5000 m² 6 Speaker 32 Watts
office 15-30 m² 2 Speaker 5 Watts
cafeteria 160-250 m² 4 Speaker 20 Watts
terrace 60-200 m² 3 Speaker 30 Watts
toilets 20-40 m² 2 Speaker 6 Watts
One sound system for paging and background music

Campground: paging, music possible

Inside zones & terrace: background music and paging

Discrete and powerful ceiling speakers inside, high quality weatherproof cabinet speakers on the terrace, rustproof sturdy and powerful horns on pylons

Music from radio/CD, MP3 from CD, USB-key or SD-card

Selective paging microphone and volume control in the office