Supermarket – On-wall (2200 m² – 3300 m²)


The sphere loudspeakers in this supermarket are the ideal solution to provide background music and paging in supermarkets with high ceilings. The paging microphone allows the cashier to inform the customers when one of the checkout counters is opening or closing. Amplifier has an integrated digital FM/AM tuner and a media player that allows playing MP3-songs from a USB-stick or SD-card.

Zone Surface(m²) Speakers Power Setting
shop 1800-2400m² 12 Speaker 6 Watts
bakery & butchery 60-120m² 2 Speaker 15 Watts
stock 250-400m² 3 Speaker 15 Watts
loading dock 100-200m² 1 Speaker 30 Watts
cafeteria & toilets 70-120m² 4 Speaker 6 Watts
office 30-60m² 2 Speaker + volume control 6 Watts
One system that can cover the entire building

Background music and paging

Individual paging and volume control per zone

5 microphones: 1 in the office and 4 at the checkout counters

Radio and MP3 from CD/USB-key or SD-card

Speakers that fit a high open ceiling and provide good coverage