Small theme park (240 m2 – 350 m2)

Small theme park (240 m2 – 350 m2)


Theme parks are all about fun and atmosphere. Apart products are instrumental in allowing the park owner to generate the right atmosphere by use of music in the background and live voice announcements. In this application each of the attractions has the ability to play their own desired music source and make any local announcements. The central control office can also supply music to the walking areas but also make priority announcements to any area as required.


Zone Surface(m²) Speakers Power Setting
walkways 100m² 5 Speaker 20 Watts
carousel 40m² 2 Speaker 30 Watts
ferris wheel 40m² 2 Speaker 30 Watts
Sound system for relaxing background music

Music from radio, CD and MP3 player

3 different zones, possibility to control the volume and music type per zone

Moisture resistant and rust free loudspeakers

Superb sound and efficiency in humid environments

Paging from reception

Local paging for every ride

Local music announcement in each zone